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How to Get Rid of Airborne Coronavirus Pathogens in Your Indoor Air Supply

How to Get Rid of Airborne Coronavirus Pathogens in Your Indoor Air Supply

Professional HVAC Services Can Help You Keep Your Air Clean and Virus-Free

We’re all doing whatever we can to stop the rapid spread of COVID-19, better known as the Coronavirus. One of the biggest preventative measures we’re all taking is covering our faces when we leave the house to prevent the transmission of airborne pathogens. But how do we protect ourselves from those same pathogens when we’re at home?

The solution is simpler that you might think! HVAC professionals in your area already offer a range of indoor air quality services designed to stop airborne allergens and pathogens from circulating through your air conditioning and heating systems. These services can remove any Coronavirus pathogens that enter your home or business from the outside, you and your loved ones can breathe easier.

Air Filters and Purifiers Stop Pathogens in Their Tracks

As air circulates indoors, it picks up harmful particles such as dirt, dust, and pathogens like the Coronavirus. These particles can continue to travel within your air supply unless stopped by a quality filtration or purification system. Air filtration and purification systems work by using a series of fans to pull your air through specialized filters designed to only let clean, safe-to-breathe air pass through and continue circulating.

Talk to your local HVAC experts about installing a filtration and purification system in your home or business. If you already have a system in place, a licensed technician can help make sure it’s properly cleaned and maintained to keep providing you with safe, virus-free air.

UV Light Systems Kill Germs

HVAC technicians can also provide you with indoor air quality solutions designed to not only remove pathogens but destroy them. UV light systems and similar sanitation devices force air to move through intense UV light that kills bacteria and viruses on contact. These systems can be installed similarly to filtration and purification systems, usually without requiring any significant work on your existing HVAC system. Ask your local heating and cooling professionals if they offer UV light systems that will work for your home or business.

Clean Ducts Get You Clean Air

One of the most overlooked components of your HVAC systems is the ductwork. Air ducts run throughout your property, delivering air to every room. But once these ducts are installed, we often forget to give them the proper maintenance and attention they need to keep your air properly temperature-controlled and pathogen free.

Airborne pathogens, like COVID-19, can settle within your duct system where they can be picked up by passing airflow and re-enter circulation, sometimes bypassing other preventative measures and putting you and your loved ones at risk. That’s why HVAC experts highly recommend getting your ductwork cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis, especially during a pandemic. Our local professionals can go over every inch of your air ducts with a fine-toothed comb, finding places where harmful particles and pathogens build up and properly decontaminating them.

Contact Your Local HVAC Specialists to Find an Indoor Air Quality Solution That Can Help Protect Your Home or Business from Airborne Coronavirus

Arizona residents can trust the heating and cooling experts at Custom Cooling to provide a full array of indoor air quality services that can help keep your air Coronavirus-free.

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