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Check These Commonly Missed Spring-Cleaning Blindspots

Check These Commonly Missed Spring-Cleaning Blindspots

Finished with your big spring cleaning project? If so, how thorough of a job did you do? Check these commonly missed areas where dirt and dust accumulate. 

The oven

Use the automatic cleaning setting to bake off grime. Alternatively, you can remove the grills to wash the items in the sink before spraying a cleanser inside the oven. Wear rubber gloves and use paper towels to wipe away grease and gunk. To clean the microwave, fill a bowl with water and lemon juice. Heat the bowl for 30 seconds and let it sit for a minute. The citrus-infused water will loosen grime for easy wiping.  

Draperies, blinds and curtains

While you may keep your windows closed throughout the winter in Phoenix, dirt can still float in around the windowpanes, leading to dirty window coverings. You can remove the curtains, window blinds or draperies to clean the items to remove a buildup of grime. If the window blinds are too difficult to remove from the window, then you can clean the slats with a damp cloth. This is the best time for washing the windowpanes and windowsills to have windows that are sanitized.

Bed frame

Keeping your bedroom clean can prevent allergic reactions from household dust, but you may forget to remove the dirt from some items. It is a good idea to take the mattress and box springs off of the bed's frame so that you can dust its edges. In addition, make sure to clean the legs or the wheels of the bed's frame. Before placing the box spring and mattress on the bed, you should use a vacuum cleaner to suction the dirt from the carpet underneath the bed, or if there is a bare floor, then you should mop the floor's tiles.

Trash containers

Despite using plastic trash bags, the wastebaskets and trash cans that you use can have foul-smelling grime. You can use a garden hose to sanitize the trash cans that are outside your home, and when these items are cleaner, you can avoid having insect or wildlife infestations. You can sanitize the smaller wastebaskets that are inside your home by washing the items in the bathroom or kitchen sink.

Drawer handles and doorknobs

The best way to clean drawer handles and doorknobs is by using a paper towel that is saturated with a mixture of warm water and bleach. Make sure to throw away the paper towels as you clean the doorknobs and handles that are throughout your home.


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