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Why Tune-ups for Your HVAC System Are Important

Why Tune-ups for Your HVAC System Are Important

HVAC systems are arguably the most important feature of any house. They are indispensable if you prefer to heat and cool your house with more advanced technology than potbelly heaters and fans.

They provide year-round comfort as the seasons change, and they do so efficiently at a reasonably low cost. With proper maintenance and care, they perform exceptionally well.

Importance of HVAC Tune-ups

It is just plain wrong-headed thinking to presume your system will continue to run from now on without regular maintenance. Every mechanical system that gets used daily needs upkeep. Whether it is your vehicle, the equipment at work or household appliances, anything with movable, working parts needs care. The best way to care for your HVAC system is regular, scheduled maintenance.

What Happens Without Tune-ups?

The components which make up your system accumulate build-up. Wear occurs through normal usage. Keeping them cleaned and serviced as needed ensures that they run at peak efficiency. Your HVAC checkup with Custom Cooling includes checking and inspecting each of these major components.

Another major advantage of regular tune-ups is that they extend the life and usefulness of major system components. They can also spot potential problems and save repair expense.

What Do They Prevent?

HVAC tune-ups prevent system failure at the most inopportune time. HVAC companies get extremely busy during the peak summer and winter months. If your system breaks down when there is a backlog of service calls, your wait time is significantly increased.

On the other hand, regularly serviced systems are far less likely to experience a catastrophic breakdown during peak usage and need.

Tune-ups also protect the most expensive parts of the system. Have you priced a compressor replacement lately? They are not cheap.

Many think they cannot afford the expense of regular tune-ups. Again, that is the wrong mindset. You can afford tune-ups more easily than you can afford major component failure or entire unit replacement.

How Long Will Tune-ups Prolong HVAC Life?

The short answer is, it depends. There are too many variables to give an exact number of years. The climate, quality of the unit and how heavily you use it would certainly be factors. However,  common sense teaches maintenance extends the life of everything. Which do you think lasts longer, a maintained car or one that is not? Would you continue to drive your car without ever checking vital fluids and changing them as needed? Your heating and cooling system is no different.

The bottom line is that top quality systems can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. With regular maintenance, that can be extended several years.

What Issues Are Commonly Found During Tune-ups?

One of the common issues we here at Custom Cooling find is a dirty system. Remember, your system filters air constantly. The filters can retain only so much dust and debris. When they get full, and debris and dust continue to accumulate, the filters clog. A clogged filter cannot do its job efficiently. This taxes the system. A taxed system uses more energy to force air through the clogged filter. You are losing two ways. The air quality is poor and restricted, and you are paying more for it. You are also shortening the lifespan of your system.

Condensate drain also get inspected. Condensate is the water that forms from constantly removing heat and moisture from hot air. Your system must drain this water from the pan through its drain line and through the drainpipe to the outside.This draining process is critical to enabling your AC unit remove the condensate buildup. If it gets clogged and backed up, the condensate or water can damage sensitive electrical components.

Other Things We Check. 

The thermostat controls when the system comes on and goes off. It manages the heating or cooling cycle. However, they occasionally need to be tested to ensure they're maintaining a precise preset temperature. 

We also check the electrical current and voltage within the system. We replace, secure or tighten other electrical connections. All electrical components also get inspected. This is just a brief summary of all we can do for you.

Put our experience to work for you and your system today. Contact Custom Cooling today, and let us handle your HVAC inspections. 


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